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SPM Backend experimental

You may install executables managed by Swift Package Manager directly from GitHub releases.

The code for this is inside of the mise repository at ./src/backend/


This relies on having swift installed. You can install it according to the instructions.


If you have Xcode installed and selected in your system via xcode-select, Swift is already available through the toolchain embedded in the Xcode installation.


The following installs the latest version of tuist and sets it as the active version on PATH:

$ mise use -g spm:tuist/tuist
$ tuist --help
OVERVIEW: Generate, build and test your Xcode projects.

USAGE: tuist <subcommand>

The version will be set in ~/.config/mise/config.toml with the following format:

"spm:tuist/tuist" = "latest"

Supported Syntax

GitHub shorthand for latest release versionspm:tuist/tuist
GitHub shorthand for specific release versionspm:tuist/[email protected]
GitHub url for latest release versionspm:
GitHub url for specific release versionspm:[email protected]

Other syntax may work but is unsupported and untested.

Licensed under the MIT License. Maintained by @jdx and friends.