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Tasks experimental

You can define tasks in .mise.toml files or as standalone shell scripts. These are useful for things like running linters, tests, builders, servers, and other tasks that are specific to a project. Of course, tasks launched with mise will include the mise environment—your tools and env vars defined in .mise.toml.

Here's my favorite features about mise's task runner:

  • building dependencies in parallel—by default with no configuration required
  • last-modified checking to avoid rebuilding when there are no changes—requires minimal config
  • mise watch to automatically rebuild on changes—no configuration required, but it helps
  • ability to write tasks as actual bash script files and not inside yml/json/toml strings that lack syntax highlighting and linting/checking support


This is an experimental feature. It is not yet stable and will likely change. Some of the docs may not be implemented, may be implemented incorrectly, or the docs may need to be updated. Please give feedback early since while it's experimental it's much easier to change.

Task Environment Variables

  • root - the root of the project, defaults to the directory of the .mise.toml file

Licensed under the MIT License. Maintained by @jdx and friends.