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The following are instructions for using the node mise core plugin. This is used when there isn't a git plugin installed named "node".

If you want to use asdf-nodejs then run mise plugins install node

The code for this is inside the mise repository at ./src/plugins/core/


The following installs the latest version of node-20.x and makes it the global default:

mise use -g node@20


See in node's documentation for required system dependencies.


  • MISE_NODE_VERIFY [bool]: Verify the downloaded assets using GPG. Defaults to true.
  • MISE_NODE_NINJA [bool]: Use ninja instead of make to compile node. Defaults to true if installed.
  • MISE_NODE_COMPILE [bool]: Forces compilation from source instead of preferring pre-compiled binaries. Can also be set across all languages with MISE_NODE__COMPILE
  • MISE_NODE_CONCURRENCY [uint]: How many jobs should be used in compilation. Defaults to half the computer cores
  • MISE_NODE_DEFAULT_PACKAGES_FILE [string]: location of default packages file, defaults to $HOME/.default-npm-packages
  • MISE_NODE_MIRROR_URL [string]: overrides the default mirror used for downloading the distributions
  • MISE_NODE_CFLAGS [string]: Additional CFLAGS options (e.g., to override -O3).
  • MISE_NODE_CONFIGURE_OPTS [string]: Additional ./configure options.
  • MISE_NODE_MAKE_OPTS [string]: Additional make options.
  • MISE_NODE_MAKE_INSTALL_OPTS [string]: Additional make install options.
  • MISE_NODE_COREPACK [bool]: Installs the default corepack shims after installing any node version that ships with corepack.

Default node packages

mise-node can automatically install a default set of npm packages right after installing a node version. To enable this feature, provide a $HOME/.default-npm-packages file that lists one package per line, for example:


You can specify a non-default location of this file by setting a MISE_NODE_DEFAULT_PACKAGES_FILE variable.

.nvmrc and .node-version support

mise uses a .tool-versions or .mise.toml file for auto-switching between software versions. To ease migration, you can have also have it read an existing .nvmrc or .node-version file to find out what version of Node.js should be used. This will be used if node isn't defined in .tool-versions/.mise.toml.

"nodejs" -> "node" Alias

You cannot install/use a plugin named "nodejs". If you attempt this, mise will just rename it to "node". See the FAQ for an explanation.

Licensed under the MIT License. Maintained by @jdx and friends.