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mise supports aliasing the versions of runtimes. One use-case for this is to define aliases for LTS versions of runtimes. For example, you may want to specify lts-hydrogen as the version for [email protected] so you can use set it with node lts-hydrogen in .tool-versions/.mise.toml.

User aliases can be created by adding an alias.<PLUGIN> section to ~/.config/mise/config.toml:

my_custom_20 = '20'

Plugins can also provide aliases via a bin/list-aliases script. Here is an example showing node.js versions:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

echo "lts-hydrogen 18"
echo "lts-gallium 16"
echo "lts-fermium 14"


Because this is mise-specific functionality not currently used by asdf it isn't likely to be in any plugin currently, but plugin authors can add this script without impacting asdf users.


Alias values can be templates, see Templates for details.

current = "{{exec(command='node --version')}}"

Licensed under the MIT License. Maintained by @jdx and friends.