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It's possible to have separate .mise.toml files in the same directory for different environments like development and production. To enable, set MISE_ENV to an environment like development or production. mise will then look for a .mise.{MISE_ENV}.toml file in the current directory.

mise will also look for "local" files like .mise.local.toml and .mise.{MISE_ENV}.local.toml in the current directory. These are intended to not be committed to version control. (Add .mise.local.toml and .mise.*.local.toml to your .gitignore file.)

The priority of these files goes in this order (bottom overrides top):

  • .config/mise/config.toml
  • mise/config.toml
  • mise.toml
  • .mise/config.toml
  • .mise.toml
  • .config/mise/config.local.toml
  • mise/config.local.toml
  • mise.local.toml
  • .mise/config.local.toml
  • .mise.local.toml
  • .config/mise/config.{MISE_ENV}.toml
  • mise/config.{MISE_ENV}.toml
  • mise.{MISE_ENV}.toml
  • .mise/config.{MISE_ENV}.toml
  • .mise.{MISE_ENV}.toml
  • .config/mise/config.{MISE_ENV}.local.toml
  • mise/config.{MISE_ENV}.local.toml
  • .mise/config.{MISE_ENV}.local.toml
  • .mise.{MISE_ENV}.local.toml

Use mise doctor to see which files are being used.


Note that currently modifying MISE_DEFAULT_CONFIG_FILENAME to something other than .mise.toml will not work with this feature. For now, it will disable it entirely. This may change in the future.

Licensed under the MIT License. Maintained by @jdx and friends.