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TOML-based Tasks

Tasks can also be defined in .mise.toml files in different ways. This is a more "traditional" method of defining tasks:

run = "rm -rf .cache"
hide = true # hide this task from the list

depends = ['cleancache']
run = "cargo clean" # runs as a shell command

description = 'Build the CLI'
run = "cargo build"
alias = 'b' # `mise run b`

description = 'Run automated tests'
run = [ # multiple commands are run in series
    'cargo test',
dir = "{{cwd}}" # run in user's cwd, default is the project's base directory

description = 'Lint with clippy'
env = {RUST_BACKTRACE = '1'} # env vars for the script
# you can specify a multiline script instead of individual commands
run = """
#!/usr/bin/env bash
cargo clippy

[] # only dependencies to be run
description = 'Run CI tasks'
depends = ['build', 'lint', 'test']

description = 'Cut a new release'
file = 'scripts/' # execute an external script

Licensed under the MIT License. Maintained by @jdx and friends.