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Coming from rtx

mise was formerly called rtx. The name was changed to avoid confusion with Nvidia's line of graphics cards. This wasn't a legal issue, but just general confusion. When people first hear about the project or see it posted they wouldn't realize it was talking about a CLI tool. It was a bit difficult to search for on Google but also places like Twitter and in Slack searches and things. This was the top complaint about rtx and many people were fairly outspoken about disliking the name for this reason. rtx was supposed to be a working title that I intended to change but never got around to doing. This change should've happened earlier when there were fewer users and I apologize for not having done that sooner knowing that this was likely going to be necessary at some point.

To upgrade from rtx to mise, simply install mise and it should automatically migrate its internal directories, moving ~/.local/share/rtx/installs/* to ~/.local/share/mise/installs/* (skipping python & ruby which cannot be moved), ~/.local/share/rtx/plugins to ~/.local/share/mise/plugins, and ~/.config/rtx to ~/.config/mise (if the destination does not exist). Python and Ruby installs will need to be reinstalled with mise install.

mise will continue reading .rtx.toml files for some time but that eventually will be deprecated so please rename them to .mise.toml. mise will not read from RTX_* env vars so those will need to be changed to MISE_*. Anything using a local .rtx or .config/rtx directory will need to be moved to .mise/.config/mise.

I apologize if this migration is not seamless however I think moving to a name that is easier to search for and avoids confusion is better for everyone. I also apologize for it being abrupt—I simply couldn't think of a way to "slow roll" this change out while also keeping the GitHub repo.

Users of the rtx-action GitHub action will need to switch to mise-action (and also bump the major version to v2).

If you build infrastructure where users may still be calling rtx activate in their shell rc scripts, you can create a symlink ln -s /path/to/mise /path/to/rtx so rtx activate still functions.

For, we're using ~/.local/bin/mise as the executable PATH instead of the old directory ~/.local/share/rtx/bin/mise to keep things a bit cleaner. You can still use the old style if you like by setting MISE_INSTALL_PATH.

If you use shims, a mise reshim will be necessary to update the shims.

Thanks for trying out my little CLI tool by the way. I find this project incredibly fulfilling to work on and seeing people have success using. I have tremendous passion for building dev tools and the ideas in mise are the product of me thinking about building a tool like this for over a decade.

If you aren't happy with mise or the way I'm running this project, even in a tiny way, please let me know. You can contact me privately if you like. I certainly won't take offense and I would prefer you say something rather than nothing. Otherwise I'll never know.

Licensed under the MIT License. Maintained by @jdx and friends.